How do you pronounce Balmorhea? Bal­mor­ay

How can I tour Balmorhea?  A tour appointment can be arranged by contacting 281-356-2305, or via email: info@balmorheaevents.com. You must be accompanied by a staff member when visiting the site location.

How many people can Balmorhea accommodate?  Balmorhea can accommodate 340 people in the main building. We can accommodate more people if an outdoor porch or patio area is used.

Does Balmorhea provide tables and chairs for the venue?  Balmorhea provides 32 72” round tables, 1 48” round table, 6 8’ rectangular tables, 6 6′ rectangular tables, 320 mahogany Chiavari chairs for indoor use and 200 folding white resin chairs for outdoor use. The Chiavari chairs are not allowed outdoors.

Can we have both our ceremony and reception at Balmorhea?  Yes! We have thirty-two beautiful acres and outdoor ceremony space with spectacular scenery as well as our main building that provides a warm and welcoming feel for your reception.

Does Balmorhea allow outside vendors?  Yes, you may bring in outside vendors. We require outside vendors to be approved and to sign a waiver. We offer a list of preferred vendors. Please contact us for more information.

Does Balmorhea allow smoking?  There is no smoking inside the main building or bridal house.  Outdoor smoking, away from entries, is allowed.

Do I have to clean up following my event?  You are responsible for removing personal items from tables and the facility prior to departing event.